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We are committed to the health and well-being of all our guests. Therefore, we only accept healthy cats that are fully vaccinated (details below), tested for leukemia, and the over 7 months old must be castrated and microchipped. If a cat gets sick during its stay with us, we have a veterinarian available at all times.


Information on mandatory vaccinations (for all indoor and outdoor cats) and common abbreviations of vaccine manufacturers:

  • Cat flu & feline calicivirus (RCP, CVR)

  • Feline leukemia (FeLV, Leucogen, Leucat, Leucocell)

  • Negative leukemia test (FeLV test required before first leukemia vaccination, written proof or entry of the test result in the vaccination certificate is required!)

  • Outdoor cats need a rabies vaccination (Rabis, T) in addition to the above vaccinations 

The vaccination certificate must be brought along and will remain in the cat hotel for the entire stay of your cat.


Flea and tick prophylaxis:

On arrival, all cats will receive a prophylactic dose of a well-tolerated and reliable spot-on product from the vet (e.g. Stronghold, Frontline, Bravecto). Alternatively, you can also bring your own veterinary product (not from the pet shop!) on the day of drop-off and administer it on site upon arrival (please do not apply it beforehand at home, as we cannot control this).


Please deworm outdoor cats 4 times a year and indoor cats at least 2 times a year at home.

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